About Us

The Ministry is the primary vehicle for alignment of the activities of the government's Seven Pillars for Sustainable Development (People Centered Development, Poverty Eradication & Social Justice, National & Personal Security, Use of Information & Communication Technology, Creating a Diversified & Knowledge Intensive Economy, Good Governance and Foreign Policy).
The Ministry’s obligation is the coordination of the National Framework for Sustainable Development, as well as, the systematic execution of key projects to fulfill the selected strategic initiatives for the planning period 2011 – 2014. The Initiatives adopted by the Ministry include:

  • National Leadership & Innovation
  • Integrated Performance Management / Process Leadership
  • Research & Data Driven Decision Making
  • High Performance Culture / Image & Branding
  • Strategic Partnerships

The carefully selected strategic initiatives listed above are intended to advance the organization to improved levels of execution of its mandate – Stewardship of the National Framework for Sustainable Development, Economic Planning and Monitoring, National Human Development, National Manpower Planning, Town and Country Planning, and Technical Co-operation (Projects and Programmes).

Ministerial Responsibilities

The Ministry is responsible for the National Framework for Sustainable Development; Economic Management, Planning, Coordinating, Monitoring, Priority Setting and developing the Nation’s Five Growth Poles; Coordinating and Monitoring Strategic Plans; National Human Development; National Innovation System; National Manpower Planning; Population; National Statistics; Town and Country Planning and Urban Development; Technical Co-operation (Projects and Programmes); the Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP) and the Public Sector Maintenance Programme (PSMP).
Under the Ministry’s portfolio, there are Statutory Boards and other bodies, namely, the Advisory Town Planning Panel, the National Population Council, the Council for Competitiveness and Innovation, the Economic Development Board, the Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI), the Chaguaramas Development Authority and the East Port of Spain Development Company Limited.
To facilitate the conduct of its operations, the Ministry is organized into 7 functional divisions/units which target the specific areas of its portfolio, namely:

1. Town and Country Planning Division
2. Socio Economic Policy Planning Division
3. Central Statistical Office
4. National Transformation Unit
5. Planning and International Cooperation Unit
6. Project Planning and Reconstruction Division
7. European Development Fund

The Ministry is presently involved in the realignment of its strategy to the new national economic direction which incorporates the National Innovation System and Competitiveness Initiatives. This System was established in the context of confronting the challenge of economic diversification.

Mission, Vision & Values


To be the cornerstone for National Policy Development providing Strategic direction through innovation and dynamic leadership


To drive the transformation of Trinidad &Tobago by defining, coordinating & facilitating the implementation of the National Policy Agenda for sustainable development and prosperity for all citizens.


  • Collaboration & Service Excellence - Promoting internal and external engagement and cooperation to meet the needs of our stakeholders.
  • Innovation - Reengineering existing systems and processes while incorporating new ideas including appropriate technology.
  • Integrity - Building trust and ensuring accountability and transparency with professionalism.
  • Precision - Focused attention to achieve positive results.
  • Leadership - Be the embodiment of the values we espouse.
  • Continuous Learning - Active pursuit of knowledge to inform our growth process for the Ministry of Planning and Sustainable Development.
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